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The irresponsible Power or man’s inhumanity to man.

“she was beaten on her face until her teeth were smashed, I have never seen such an example of bestial cruelty”
If you have once been chanced to drop down the king Khalid international airport into the city of Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia, you will agree with me that much like Dubai this city is about strikingly one of the most modern city in the world. The tall skyscrapers, beautiful landmarks, world class hotels, fantastic shopping malls appear to be over the top – so  Dashy and Flashy
And it makes no doubt in no ones mind that Saudi Arabia is just one of the most enterprising nations of world and a new global force in the modern world. It’s breathtaking communicational technological and transportation infrastructures are convincing evidences of an Economic and political super power in the middle east. Unfortunately this is where the good fortune ends, in fact the clock seem to have stopped on the spheres of savage custom and inhuman traditions that make you want to ask why so much authority bestowed upon the  irresponsible.
Having said that, Saudi Arabia is home to the most pervasive prehistoric tradition of Man’s inhumanity to man. Over the years we are constantly barraged with untold stories of gruesome experiences of some maid servants and domestic workers in Saudi Arabia who were systemically abused and subjected to such level of atrocities that breach humanity.   “When an ordinary man holds power over another without a moral responsibility to that other the result is a degradation of the spirit and a loss of humanity” said Fredrick Douglass an American great philosopher.
Cases of abusive relationship between Saudi Arabian Employer and maid servants are a widespread phenomenon in the kingdom. It is  a culture of sadism.  but some are so indignant and outrageous they could put you off your guard. There was this case of doctors removing massive loads of nails and needles from a tortured Sri Lankan maid: A 49 year old L P Ariyawathie from Sri Lanka had a total of 24 red hot nails and needles hammered into her body in Saudi Arabia  where she  worked as domestic  maid servant. The family which she served rammed nails and needles into her body as punishment for complaining of her tedious jobs “every time I would not work because I was tired , they would threatened to kill me and hammered   nails into my body” said Ariyawathie  to the news Agency Associated press . Ms Ariyawathie was deeply traumatized Doctor Satharasinghe  told the news agency Associated Press.  In another case an emirate woman poured boiling water over her Ethiopian maid and tied her up until she died.
Countless stories, from hapless women who ventured into this kingdom of darkness to work for no more than $100, have such graphic portrayal of extreme cruelty and sadism that will make you wonder where the limit of humanity and bestiality lies.
Why is the Arab world so overrun with barbaric  brutalities and bestial cruelty even as des profess some kind religious proclivities
This was clearly the case in relation with the death of  kikim  Komalasari, a 36 year old  woman from Indonesia whose body was found in a dumpster in the southern city of Abha in Saudi Arabia. The graphic portrayal of abuse and agony she endured will make your heart jump.  When Kikims  Body was found, they allegedly burnt her body with red hot iron ; cut her face and lips with scissors her neck was severed with extensive cuts  and all over her body  she had serious  burns, she was beaten on her face until her teeth was smashed. What has made possible this ignoble reality that one man or woman could have the right to abuse, smash thrash or kill another and never having to render account for his act ? I have no response to this.
Scores of hapless domestic workers tortured, many have died, maimed or killed  by their employers , lots  more are working under very deplorable and appalling conditions. A Lebanon human right group has reported 9 suicides of domestic workers in one month. And yet thousands of such case remain in the Dark according to one Jakarta correspondent. “Everyone knows about these cases of abuse in Saudi Arabia,”… They happen all the time, but because Indonesia cannot punish Saudi Arabia, the correspondent said, it’s the reason Saudis authority continues to ignore the plight of domestic workers in their country. But what makes the entire issue so heartbreaking is the impunity that ensures protection for the Saudis rather than the victims of employers’ abuse.  In fact employers have right to beat, torture and even kill with impunity and victim has no protection from the law. And this is the way of the new world so much power to tyrants without having to offer apologies . “ In all of us even in good men there is lawless wild beast nature which peer out when our reasons are asleep” and unless there is a ruling power to enforce that personal self-restrain  there is no limit to the folly or crime a man in the society will be ready to commit.


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