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Our condition is a permanent failure

 Our condition is a permanent
“The wonderfully restrained sense of deep disappointment reminded me of how similar the histories of many African countries are how passionately people believe in ideas that would eventually disappoint them, in people that betray them, in futures that would elude them”
Chimamandie Ngozi Adiche
The security of life and property is the primary role of any government , in spite of corruption or greed. 
It is a popular saying in Nigeria that no condition is permanent and yet our condition of distresse, violence  tension and insecurity endures:
 I Goodluck Ebele Jonathan do solemnly swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria; that as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will discharge my duties to the best of my ability, faithfully and in accordance with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the law, and always in the interest of the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, well-being and prosperity of the federal Republic of Nigeria…….. and I will devote myself to the service and well being of the people of Nigerian…… So help me God. Now  the reported abduction of some 230 girls from a school in chibok, Bornu state by suspected members of the Boko Haram, insurgents, whose   ferocity,  outrageous violence and savage brutality against the innocents citizens have threatened the very foundation of the federal republic Nigeria, has provoked  so much out cry and  indignation across the world but   highlights the empirical evidence that Jonathan’s presidency is in deep disarray; that our hope for the change that will eradicate corruption poverty and injustice will not come yet, in spite of this Pledge. Boko haram flaunts their disrespect to the nation due to a blatant leadership failure of Goodluck Ebele  Jonathan.
Most of all,  The  rapt of these girls is a glaring  sign  of the cruel indifference  as regards to the citizens, by   Mr President and his cronies. They have  never devoted the tiniest moment of their political lives to the service and well being of the people of  Nigeria, talk less of our social and physical security . In fact the only thing  more emptier than their political rhetoric , bubble gum promises and pledge is a vacuum . However if democracy is defined as “the government of the people by the people and for the people” then the fault there is not in our stars but in our selves . “We the people” have collectively consigned  our political, economic and even social destiny to an inept  and irresponsible  predator class who are taking  advantage of our  resigned complacency and making mockery of our dignity.   
And so this is where we are today: on a platform of  pervasive , impunity ,  unaccountability  and irresponsibility on  an epidemic scale.  Now listen to this. Barely 14 hours after the deadly explosion  that rocked the Nya nya  bus station killing more than 75 people as many more were maimed, President Goodluck Jonathan was seen  in kano dancing and clapping while making his reelection campaign.  Is this a  worthy reaction of a leader that has pledged to devote himself to the well being and service of his people? Don’t forget that this is an experience of a life- shattering event for the victims.  This  should have consumed  much of his time and energy  for a dedicated leader
Many continues  to  wander why  Jonathan has not been impeached in spite of  the people being exhausted and depleted by corruption  , massive mismanagement , lack of empathy, and a blatant display of ineptitude. More so,  are all the promises that have remained tantalizingly beyond reach . The concept of electability- plus means  not just  getting elected for election sake but  possessing the ability to favor new directions, new ideas  and motivate change. Unfortunately the records of this government is on the scale a permanent condition of regression . We live in a permanent condition of chronic inefficiency of public service , we live in a permanent condition of an atmosphere of insecurity and terror ,  we are rendered to a permanent condition of grisly and untimely death,  even though our expectation of a community marked by prosperity and tranquility continues to endure.
With an estimated 2.4 million barrels of oil produced daily selling at $94 a barrel and earning 224  million dollars each and every day, according to the economic  forum report , Nigeria should be in the league rich nations .  Jonathan presides  over one of the richest nations of the world and yet many hospital  cannot provide ambulances  to its patience  and our mothers and sisters continues to die during child birth, and Nigeria remains the worst place to be born on earth. And yet our hope to live a life of decency and dignity with limitless possibilities endures
In Nigeria  you  are  in the throes of  agony and anguish in every process  of your daily lives ; we are still living witnesses of the plundering and looting of the wealth of our nation  by a few unpatriotic misguided criminals. By their action they are showing us that they have nothing but self interest , no love, no regard to the nation. As long as  they continue to steal as much money as possible   in support  of a  life style of the filthy rich you  will  continue to live  with  out basic amenities .  you  will not have the provision of electricity  or pipe- born water supplies in your homes and villages as in the league of nations you  belong. Our hospital have been  and have remained   inadequately funded.    Our schools continues  to decay as in fact higher education has virtually collapsed Nigeria. Then lets talk about our roads  President Good luck has promised that all bad roads will be fixed  by 2015 but like every other promise he has made  such as achieving uninterrupted power supply,  there is  lack of seriousness to his promises . The issue of roads in Nigeria is a mind boggling issue and a clear evidence of the abysmal record of our successive leaders  .We can rightfully  criticize this current  government for lack of clairvoyance  The problem of bad road in Nigeria calls for collective outrage  and demonstrations against this system  of governance .  local economies are derelict due  to bad roads  normal transport  communication are frustrating, roads are  pitted with so much holes that grinds vehicle to a halt    We have been plagued for long a time by these  same woes that one can only  wonder about the underpinning points of these insoluble issues .Only  a mad man continues to do the same things the same way while  expecting a different result. And this is weird
Our roads are simply death throes , vehicle owners are in permanent distress as breakdowns and down right destruction of vehicle have become an inevitable reality.  Some of the glaring example of these roads  such as Lagos / Benin express way ; Lagos/ Ibadan express way  are so dilapidated  to be known as the roads of carnage .  Criminal and armed robbers camp themselves around the bad portions of the roads for victims to be enthralled . On Nigerian roads, Every thing is possible nothing is certain . I don’t know who profits from  this chaotic condition, leaving their country in such a mess, in  the throes of decay and neglect.   The problem of  Boko haram  is  linked  to the entire system of chaos as they are aware, they can  take advantage of  permanent condition of failure and decay of the system  to escape. Leading institution such as the security system , the border control system are derelict. To add to the disarray : the out stripping corruption , bribery is rife even among the police and the custom officers and we are very much aware of all of this condition and we not clamouring for change; lack of leadership, lack of effectiveness ; lack of accountability and lack of professionalism. The bottom line is that Boko haram  will continue on its murderous crime spree until the entire system is fixed; they will continue to wreck havoc upon the innocent souls until decency is restored .                                                                                                                                                                                        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