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Affichage des articles du juin, 2012

The trails of corruption

As corruption runs rampant like wild fire across nation,  Nigeria   is being consumed to a near shattering  disaster.and collapse. There is such a wailing desperation on the faces of the people you see, they live in permanent pain and agony as  predation by the uncaring  ruthless and reckless  leaders continues to deliver far more abject and devastating poverty upon its people.
Undoubtedly Nigeria is rich, But Nigerians are poor. The profusion of wealth and the abundance of natural resources has never in any way profited or trickled down to the poor masses.
The physical condition of the nation is abhorrent  direct consequences of corruption and congenital incompetence. The roads are pitted with holes, They have no such things as pavement, no landscape architecture or urban planning, no water. Power failure had become so consistent that the national electricity board whose acronym was N.E.P.A was modified to mean "never expect power always" What comes to sight when a human- …