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Affichage des articles du octobre, 2012

Nigerian hospital services: a weapon of mass destruction

The health of nations: Why Nigerian hospital services  has become a weapon of mass destruction We  are currently experiencing a general process of disintegration through the collapse of our health services; poverty of medical health facilities, absence of skilled personnel but most of all a pervasive contempt of responsibility and accountability of the medical staffs.
Hospitals  have a mission  In most parts of the world to  inspire hope by providing the adequate health care to every patient through  an  integrated  clinical practice. It inspires hope through the expression of compassion  by  treating  patients  with  sensitivity  and empathy and most of all by its adherence to  ethics  and professional responsibility, in brief they heal the sick and give support to the physically  afflicted . Nevertheless  the prevailing experience in Nigerian Hospitals is a depressing Gloom and doom and tragic denial of its mission. Thus, Ijeoma   was taken to the Ante natal ward of Ogbolodo general …