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Affichage des articles du octobre, 2013

A totalitarian Justice: cruel, debased and despicable rape of humanity

The judiciary in Nigeria  is a colossal failurewith a collateral damage to it’s citizens due to recklessness.
Nigerian legal system is a disgrace to Mankind and a tragic national plunder. As justice of “cash and carry”, it has informed a paradox in the criminal justice system where the innocent is criminalized the criminal walks freeas long as they are able to pay the price.
Within the borders of Nigeria resides one of the most terrifyingly dangerous display of a depraved justice system. From the Roman Empire to the present day it is arguably the most corrupt and the most shameful legal system known to mankind. Obnoxiously arrogant, its proclivities is creating a vicious atmosphere in nation linking up to the morbid corridors of pestilence  and decay. Nigerian legal system has become a metaphor for cynicism and despicable lawful plunder  According to Judaic  teaching  “justice  is the Ultimate declaration of Gods will , our means of serving  him and approaching him.” Justice is no more …