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My nightmarish Journey through hell to home town in NIGERIA

Nigeria stands top on the lists of the most corrupt countries in the world following a survey from transparency international or the anti-corruption watchdog but unfortunately this disgraceful posture is somewhat being replicated even in some Embassies of Nigerian outside the country. Nigerian Embassies across the world have a reputation and a litany of complaints… They are riddled with corruption and extorsion of Nigerian citizens by the public servants who are meant to serve them. Yet despite the ongoing campaign against corruption, I came face to face with the most reckless, irresponsible, selfish wolves raven of corruption in Nigerian Embassy of Cotonou in the republic of Benin. When my younger brother Andy rang me saying “mum was dying and the doctors are not making any headway” ... And I remember my Mum few months behind begging me to come home and see her before “she bids her final far well”. I lost my self-control, bough…

The Atlantic slaughter of the innocent deserves some outrage.

As I stumbled  on this image by Santi Palacio the  Italian photographer.... I felt a pang of pain and could not help with tears coming to my eyes. It was  not only a moment of horrific defeat for our  humanity, but also for me as an African it was a moment of a heart broken experience mixed with an explosive indignation yet not enough words to relate my sentiments. Knowing that no one in his right mind can fully imagine the extreme tormentation they have endured before this fatal misfortune and  the untold anguish of such a painful journey.... A journey towards the nothingness. I am truly convinced that there is no such thing  as  justice in the world.
After undergoing so much deprivation and distresses, pains and agony across the deserts to the coasts of North Africa, a massive number of the sub -Saharan Africa  have died in a bid to cross the Atlantic ocean to Europe. But what makes this atrocity so horrendous  is the oblivious nature of the crime.... The outrageous  indifference o…